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brand partnership campaign,  video, OOH, digital, social, experiential

The secret was out. Tresemmé was a professional “salon brand” that was not actually sold in salons. Losing credibility, the brand needed a quick fix. The solution? Become the official haircare sponsor for New York Fashion Week and put Tresemmé backstage in the hands of top-level hair stylists at the world’s biggest fashion event. Then tell everybody. Everywhere.

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For those not front row at the shows, an out-of-home campaign splashed the city during New York Fashion Week. Jewelry designed from hair accessories made the statement that indeed, great hair makes great fashion.

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Partnering with top stylists, behind-the-scenes footage splashed social to show Tresemmé in action during the most high-pace, performance-testing moments.

The New York Fashion Week sponsorship was so successful for Tresemmé, it was picked up for another year. Of course a visually arresting campaign had to splash from Madison Avenue to the digital sphere. Tools used in fashion design became hair accessories to prove that great hair is always in fashion. Both campaigns were featured in Graphis and Luerzer's Archive.

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