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Ulta Beauty

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Did you know Ulta Beauty is the only retailer where you can get all things beauty, from mass to prestige, all in one place? It truly is the ultimate beauty playground. And what do you do at a playground? You play, of course. 

You can’t help but reach out and discover all the endless ways there are to play. Before you know it, you’re adding a splash of this and a spritz of that, gazing at glosses in every color and playing with palettes for what seems like forever. 

Ulta Beauty_That's The Way We Play
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Shot by legendary photographer and director Ellen von Unwerth, “That’s The Way We Play” wasn’t just a campaign, it was a complete makeover for Ulta Beauty. The all-new visual identity coupled with the inviting attitude (no beauty snobs here) inspired literally every aspect of the brand from their corporate meeting rooms to their in-store personality.


Each consumer touchpoint brought to life the in-store playground experience. In social and digital, products enticed you to play with them, enhancing engagement.

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