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Upstream USA

campaign platform, visual identity, video, print, social, digital, website, radio, in-clinic

There are 6 million pregnancies in the United States every year. Shockingly nearly half of them are unplanned. That’s because for many women, birth control is too inaccessible, complicated and expensive. But a non-profit called UpStream USA is on a mission for women to have the choice to become pregnant only if and when they’re ready by providing free and easy access to birth control.

BYOB_effiesimages_0004_family blue.jpg

Starting in Delaware, the state with the most unplanned pregnancies per capita, we created an empowering campaign to remind women who is most important. How? By keeping them singing and laughing all the way to clinic.

Upstream_Be Your Own Baby
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A music video (shot by the award-winning badass Hannah Lux Davis), social campaign, targeted digital, in-clinic signage, a Meta bot and a click-to-book appointment website were all part of the plan. Cause check it girl, you got to #BeYourOwnBaby.

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