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Did you know there is an anti-wrinkle injection that is pure and has no unnecessary ingredients? It’s called Xeomin. To launch their complete rebrand, who better than the biggest pure beauty influencer who once swore off toxins publicly? 

“I admit I wasn’t a fan of anti-wrinkle injections. Then I found one that’s different.” Beauty boss and goop® founder Gwyneth Paltrow tried Xeomin and loved it. Next stop? Tell the world about the only toxin that lives up to her pure beauty standards.

Xeomin_GP Goes Pure
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GP Goes Pure was a 360+ campaign. From public appearances and Instagram live sessions to streaming video and editorial features, if it touched a consumer or a provider in their home, on their phone or in office, it was made.


Gwyneth wasn’t the only one that loved Xeomin was pure. The global campaign featured brand devotees from around the world.

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